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McLean County Area EMS System

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Code Red Hot Line: 1-800-683-9454

Common Code Red Questions & Answers

If you're having problems or need to recover your password, please contact Code Red or your System Administrator.

Code Red personnel contacted the MCAEMS System office and explained a three step process to resolve disappearing narratives. They explained that there may be temporary display problems which may occur in the Administrator module as this process is going on. It is possible that narratives will not display in the Administrator module till the update is complete. The narratives will be there - they just might not always display.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Update Web Field Units.
  2. Update all locally installed Field Units- this will take longer as we must contact each service that has locally installed Field Units and schedule a time for them to be available for us to update them. Code Red cannot continue to next step until all services locally installed Field Units are updated.
  3. Update the Web Administration data-bases.

If you have not heard from Code Red support staff, please call them at 1-800-683-9454 to arrange a time for this latest update.

Q & A

Q: What happens if I sync the computer before I printed my report?

A: Once you sync your computer you can no longer print your report. Your administrator can access the report through the Code Red Admin site and print it out. Please remember to do your "Error Check", then "print" your report, and then "sync". The "Error Check" on Code Red is virtually the same concept as the "validation" button on GEAC. The "sync" button on Code Red is virtually the same concept as the "upload" button on GEAC.

Q: What happens if I need to make an addendum to my report?

A: Currently once a report has been synched, the only person that can access that report is the agency administrator. We are hoping to get that changed soon.

Q: What if there are more people on the call then Code Red allows to be entered (Driver, Attendant 1, Attendant 2)?

A: Choose the person that actually drove the vehicle as the driver, for Attendant 1 &2, if possible, choose those involved the most with patient care. Under "Action Meds" when you enter an "Intervention", for example, CPR, on the drop down for "Medic", you can choose anyone on your agency. So if multiple individuals performed CPR, enter the CPR "Intervention" multiple times, assigning a different person each time.

Q: My administrator told me that they entered my name in the program, but my name isn't showing up?

A: It's a good habit to sync your computer before entering a report. That way if the administrator made any changes, such as added a new employee, that info will "pull" into that computer prior to you doing a report.

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