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McLean County Area EMS System

1609 Northbrook Dr Ste 8
Normal, IL 61761

Phone: 309-827-4348
Fax: 309-808-4235

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Multiple Patient Transportation Memo

Behavioral Health Patient/Hospital Choice Memo

IN Versed Memo

IDPH Opioid Data Dashboard News Release

Intubation Memo

ABMC Medication Exchange Process Memo

ABMC Construction Update Memo

Equipment Exchange Memo

ABMC Entrance Closure Memo

EMS Grant Memo

Aeromedical Update Memo (01/30/2018)

0.9% Normal Saline Date Extension Memo

Valium Shortage Memo

Life Flight Memo (Updated 01/15/18)


Call for Registry Instructors Memo

Updated Life Flight Memo

Life Flight Memo

ABMC Bay Closure Memo

CE Topic Change Memo

ABMC Merci Radio Memo

Extension of Naloxone Memo

Public Act 100-0108 Memo

Versed Concentration Shortage Memo

ETOH Refusal Addendum Memo

ETOH Refusal Addendum

Aeromedical Resources Memo

Competency Exam Memo

4th of July Holiday Hours Memo

Resource Hospital Change Memo

SJMC Stretcher Placement Memo

Medication Replacement Form Memo

ABMC Remodel Memo #2

Medication Shortage Memo

Epinephrine Shortage Memo (Repost from 2012)

Call for Current Rosters Memo

Naloxone Interim Clinical Guidance Memo

NREMT Renewal Memo

OSF SJMC New Fax Number Memo

New EMS Educator Memo

New Forms Memo


Clarification of Third Party Callers Pertaining to Refusals

High Risk Refusal Memo

FRD/EMR Naloxone Implementation Plan

Lab Draws Memo

Patient Destination Memo

2016 Competency Exam Now Open

BLS IM Injection Memo

ALS Intercept Memo

IDPH Memo on Mailing of Licenses

Continuing Education Update

CPAP Quantities Memo


Online LVAD CE Memo

Memo on Nitroglycerin Use

Advisory Committee

Trauma Notification Amendment

Upcoming EMT-B Class Information


EMS Recruitment Video



Transport Method/Documentation Memo
Early Notification Memo


Hazard Memo
System Review Board Information
Fourth Quarter 2012/First Quarter 2013 QA Memo
Resource Hospital Change July 1, 2013
ResQPod and Combitube Phase Out
Approved CPAP Devices


Controlled Substance Prescriptions
Third Quarter 2012 QA Memo
Hospital MERCI Narrowband Memo
IDPH - Online Fees Memo
Transmission of 12-Lead ECG to Hospitals
Response Time Reporting Requirements
BLS Interpretation of 12-Lead ECGs
Resource Hospital Designation/EMS Medical Director
Epinephrine Memo
EMS Educators
EMS Week
New Appointments
Influenza Vaccination Memo


Non Transport Memo
Pre-Filled Medication Shortage Memo
Resource Hospital Change Memo
Neurotrauma Announcement Memo
NAN-Alert Epinephrine Memo
Fentanyl Memo
OSF SJMC Site Update Memo
EMS Direct Line Memo
Home Depot Grant Memo
Defib Recalls Memo
FDA Med Watch Memo
NEMSIS Compliant System Announcement Memo
Ambulance Inspection Criteria Memo
FAA Training Program Memo
OSF EMS Lounge Memo
Billy Carter Interview Memo
Ativan Storage Memo
Secure Fire Stations Memo
Approved Protocol Changes Memo


pdf/word logoRefusal Memo - March 11, 2009


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